Corporate Events With Celebrities

Charm your Corporate Events by booking a Celebrity


Corporate events promise to encapsulate its audiences in a rewarding experience. These events are thoroughly something to look forward to. It is gesture via an organization to convey to its staff, stakeholders or clients the amount of value they bring in, in order to build and sustain such an organization. As such, an effort needs to be undertaken in order to make this event extremely flourishing and very successful. There are some fantastic services that can be availed via the internet to cater to all your event needs. These services have been in the industry since a very long time and as such have gained progressive confidence when it comes to organizing an event on any scale in the budget of any volume. As a constant endeavour, these services like to present several ideas which can be chosen as per the mood and preference that the event requires. With exclusive tie-ups to many celebrities in tinsel town, events organized, promise to be a bash ensured to give the audiences the time of their lives. Here is how they can reach out in regards to company sponsored celebrations.

Corporate events:

Events can be of several kinds. They can be an award ceremony, a formal declaration of the profits of a company or maybe an event wherein a senior member is about to retire. Just get in touch with them so that they can assist you to put up a wonderful show. A person from their team will get in touch with you to have a brief understanding of the kind of event you are looking forward to organise. They would then get back to their drawing boards, sketch a detailed outline for you and hand it over to you so that you can sign-off on it. Once done, they will execute this plan in style. By using such services, you do not have to worry about anything. Once your order is placed, just sit back and leave the detailing for them. Through their experience, they do partner with several popular venues to host a function of this magnitude. Motivational speakers for corporate events, team building games, a witty emcee, song and dance or overall entertainment etc. can be arranged.  A great idea for organizing an event of this nature will be to hire the premises of a suave banquet hall of a luxurious starred hotel. Special invitations can be printed out for the exclusive guest list expected to be present along with a special note welcoming them to this event. Post the gathering, photographers will use their creativity to get the best possible shots for a wonderful memory. Numerous candid pictures can also be clicked if it suits the function. An esteemed dignitary will then be called upon the stage to share his views and possibly motivate the audiences on a topic that affects all. This will be then followed by the main event, be it awards, profit sharing, retirement or anything else that the event is centred around. The last section or the section through which the event will be concluded can be the emcee entertaining the guests and poking fun at current events. As cheer and laughter thunders the auditorium, the emcee can gently announce a nice team building game, like say tug of war. The audiences are guaranteed to be enthralled and completely in flow of things as everything will be organized to sheer perfection. At the end of the function, return gifts in the form of a memento or an adequate gift hamper can be presented to make the event truly successful.

Again, this is just one of the hundreds of ideas that event management groups can implement for you to host a corporate event. Many more follow including your suggestions, if you have anything specific in mind. The execution will be done with a lot of panache. A-list singers for corporate events can be hired as well. Popular playback singers who have rocked movie goers with their thrilling voice can add stars to any corporate event. Musicians for corporate events along with celebrity for corporate events can be engaged as well for a further niche experience.

Corporate Party:

Everybody loves a corporate party. It is a ‘once in a blue moon’ day where hierarchies between employees break making them one homogenous group. Everybody lets their hair down to having a superb experience. These parties are organized by corporations as a part of their rewards and recognitions program or as an annual event. It is a brilliant setup, either far away from the city or in the safe confines of a swanky hotel to optimize the party on goings. These parties serve as an important moment for everybody to try and bond on a personal level. This becomes important in work-life balance as well. When people connect on a personal level, work becomes a positive experience. By having or making new friends in your office, counsel pertaining to work becomes way more comfortable. The use of colloquial language amongst peers leads to productive work. An employee also tends to enjoy his personal time when colleagues are his friends. This may also be the sheer intention of a corporate party that aims to bring people serving a common purpose closer, personally and professionally.

It is a great place to network as well. Pitching of ideas happens all the time in parties because of the kind of mood that people wear on them. This serves as an excellent way to clear one’s mind by getting answers from people who seem to have expertise on certain matters. This may also lead to life-long relationships and the possibility of business partnerships to be converted into cracking some great deals. As such, setting up a backdrop to organizing an event as critical as this, becomes vital.  A definite way to have a picture perfect party is by engaging event management teams to take charge of them. As a part of the entertainment quotient for such an event, TV stars for shows can be called upon for their services as the main centre of attraction. Another big crowd puller can be the invitation sent out to comedy artist for events. Indian comedy has picked up on a large scale due to shows like ‘comedy nights with Kapil’. Independent comedy artists are doing a brilliant job as well, coming up with their own shows like, ‘AIB’, also doing solo or team acts, one of the performance theatres being the Canvas laugh factory located in the city of Mumbai.  The combination of a famous TV personality and a comedy artist can give the audiences a mind blowing experience. They can even be called solo and the preference solely remains in the hand of the organizers or the hosts.

Due to the sky high popularity of ‘Ted Talks’, a motivational show held by famous and successful people, more and more people have now started to view or find sources for motivational speeches. Now, motivational speakers for hire can be easily organized for a corporate party through event management groups. All these resources will indeed make a corporate party a very special one. Services for such events available on the internet can be considered for the same.

Corporate functions:

Corporate functions can be of many types. They can be business dinners, product launches or retreats. Corporations do try to keep these functions very exclusive and up market. Such events are not throw away parties that are open for all but they seem to be more inclined towards serving important members of an organization. As such the budgets are well distributed to cater to a more lavish experience. Organisations take extra steps to put up a show filled with grandeur. This is so that, important members of the company are treated as special entities, hence enriching their experience of the ‘invitation only’ function.

Business dinners are usually held at an extremely fancy restaurant that in all probability cater to very special people. It is a get together of sorts for senior members of an organisation to discuss important matters outside the office environment in a comfortable ambience where they are treated with privilege and privacy. One can book Bollywood star now-a-days to host an event of this magnitude. This would be a spectacle of sorts seeing a star hosting the event, in turn entertaining the guests. The status quo of such parties is usually predictable but novelty can be added to the same by availing services of event management firms.

Product launches are mostly a grand affair showcasing the enterprising attitude of an organisation. Compiled of senior members of the company along with the core team, or the team whose brainchild the product is, it is an avenue where ideas are freely expressed between the old and the young, by experience. As such an event is a stellar display of talent; motivational speakers for events of this sort should be availed for a much needed pep talk on the current scenario of businesses globally. This should in turn help the teams align their strategy with global business dynamics hence triggering an adaptive response in these teams.

A third and something that employees feel blessed to receive is a corporate retreat or an incentive trip. These functions are full of team building activities. Event management companies can provide several ideas to conduct these team building exercises. Usually a two day event, employees along with their families get this opportunity to be treated by the organisation that they work for. After a whole day spent doing team building exercises, the night promises all round entertainment. One can now book celebrity for events to fill the atmosphere with excitement. This is so because now, the guests at the retreat have an opportunity for a private photo-op with a celebrity. Their social media will be blinking with amazing pictures increasing their popularity. Music is an important event of such functions, so singers for corporate functions can also be invited in order for the guests to have a gratifying experience.

Obviously, these events are very important for any organization to motivate their staff and as a gesture from their end to convey that they care about their staff. The internet today, is full of help to achieve a maximum event experience by giving the responsibility of such events to capable firms.

Inclusion of singers for corporate events:

History has witnessed the inclusion of singers to make any event very successful. People do have this tendency to connect to music fairly easily. Some may do it to relate to the words, other to explore their own sentiments, but mostly people want to enjoy good music. In a working environment, in order to get work done, one has to be rational at all times. This may not necessarily mean that working life is non-humanitarian, but in order to move forward and comply with work commitments, one has to think logically at all given times. Hence, events come up of special value because, over here, employees of an organization can be melodramatic. Music has that power to appeal to one and all. It magnifies the joy of an event manifold. Depending on inclination, classical, Bollywood or English singers can be invited to perform at corporate events.

Indian classical music is legendary. Many fall in love with the onset of a singer tuning his vocals into several ‘ragas’ of Indian origin. Indian classical music touches the deepest nerve in the psyche of its audience. It’s more about the supreme use of voice with its high and low pitches than the formation of words. Singers that have been trained in musical ‘Gharanas’ all over India can be invited as special guests to sing at a corporate event. The audiences will be spell bound and would seem to be forming a continuous bond with the singer on stage. In today’s day when commercial music is ahead of Indian classical music, the invitation to a classical singer will be something very different and classy.

Bollywood music has changed so much. With the beautiful melodies that used to come out from the movies in the earlier era, Bollywood concentrates on experimenting with several musical instruments in today’s day. The lyrics too have substantially changed. In earlier times, music tried to define the complex nature of emotions between people, while today’s lyrics seem to be more expressive and modern. One can say that maybe the earlier Bollywood music was deeper than what we hear now. But credit needs to be given to today’s musicians for coming up with numbers that are foot tapping and very peppy. They change one’s mood instantly. If you are hosting an event, musicians for events that are aware of best of both worlds should be invited. When the audience is mesmerized, they may have their own demands for these musicians to sing a popular song from any of these eras. As such, they need to be spontaneous to acknowledge the demands of the audiences.

Lastly, even English music crooners can be very much invited. English music has picked up big time in our country. Credit needs to be given to channels like VH1, MTV etc. who amicably brought international music for the Indian public. Pop stars today like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry have God like status. Electronic dance music is seen to make the crowd get off their feet and move to these tunes. Hip-Hop too has gained mass popularity. English singers for events are a brilliant idea if the crowd at the event entertains a taste in English music. If they do, your event will be the talk of the town in the days to come.

It is evident that singers will add glory to any corporate event. A little bit of research needs to be done to find the top notch services that can easily facilitate the inclusion of these singers in your event.

Inclusion of celebrities for corporate events:

Celebrities in our country are worshipped. They provide a source of inspiration to millions of Indian citizens on a daily basis. These celebrities can be from the entertainment industry, the sports fraternity or from the business community. As some of them start their lives from scratch, their stories get a lot of attention in common masses and from the media. Such celebrities if invited for a corporate event will add fervour to the occasion. Now, celebrity for corporate functions can be availed by various external media agencies that can contract them out to you. If you are organizing a corporate event do consider the option of inviting a celebrity for the same.

Bollywood is a place where dreams unfold. So many people in our country try and replicate their lives, especially their personal lives according to a movie or a character of their choice. Bollywood movies act like a magical spell to hypnotize people into its dream world. The same goes with today’s TV industry as well. This industry has an excellent choice of subjects when they make daily soaps or TV shows. These subjects are smartly placed for an audience that will relate to them. Both Bollywood and the T.V. industry have shelled out phenomenal stardom for certain individuals. We can take the example of Shahrukh Khan who built his career from scratch and is the second richest entertainer after Jerry Seinfeld in present times in the whole world. Such celebrities inspire people to dream and achieve the impossible. So, book celebrity for events so that they can attend the event and share their untold story with everybody. Celebrities have this magnetism about them that makes the audience listen to them with a lot of awe and attention. Everybody during the sharing of his or her experience, try and compare the incoming words with their thought process in order to find the missing pieces of the puzzle of their life. Celebrities are an excellent idea to make your event a super hit.

In our country, cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is the God of it. He is one man who catapulted India in the global scene of cricket before we had the modern infrastructure found in today’s time and date. Luckily, our masses today are looking beyond cricket. With sports like Kabaddi and football getting transformed to their modern day, ‘Avatar’, more and more people now follow these sports. We now have city wise clubs for football and Kabaddi, the competition between whom is now being broadcasted on national television. People in our country adore sportsmen because their domain requires for them to handle both, the media and their fitness. Sportsmen do not have an easy way out and have to work hard to achieve success in their line of work. You can hire sports personalities for events through several media firms to speak at your event. Allow them to inspire the crowd with their success stories and their efforts in handling the ups and downs that occur on a daily basis in their life. Let the crowd know about their future plans and have an open forum so that the crowd can freely interact with them and ask them questions that are of great interest to them.

Agreeably when it comes to the business world, India has created the finest breed of Businessman. They appear to be a superior lot of human beings with stupendous business acumen. Over the years, media has portrayed the business community and its poster boys with a lot of drama and bling. When we hear from the horse’s mouth about their lives, they willingly agree that their life is nowhere near how it is shown on television and that what they have built has taken long hours of concentration and a lot of perseverance. Businessmen are a whole different lot, as they raise an empire and employ thousands of people. The burden of their responsibility is unthinkable; even then, they carry it off with so much ease. Get such tycoons as a personalized brand of celebrity, for events so that they can share their success story amongst all and can answer all relevant questions. You may get their agent details online so that you can contact them.

By following these steps religiously your corporate event, party or an occasion would take place and conclude brilliantly well. Suave media firms can be found with a little bit of research to assist in your event.