Euphoria(band) – Euphoria is an Indian rock band from the city of Delhi. The Band is also considered the soul of the pop music wave that hit India in the mid nineties. Their first single was titled ‘Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom’ which became the most popular video to hit TV screens in that decade. After returning to the country, the band released “Mantra”, India’s first ever standalone single release, independent of an album. Mantra was later included in the band’s third album, ‘Gully’. “Gully” has been one of Euphoria’s most successful albums to date. In the video of the title song “Gully” the band launched Bollywood heart throb Vidya Balan. The band’s fourth studio album ‘Mehfuz’ surprised critics and fans alike. The new sound and the maturity in the songwriting won a lot of hearts and made Euphoria the only force in Indian music which could commercially take on Bollywood. The band has composed the soundtrack for a Malayalam film named “BEST OF LUCK”.