Harshi Mad

Harshi Mad(Singer)
– Harshi Madhaparia (MAD)… lives “Music And Dance” and it’s this very passion that takes her singing and performing around the world. She won the Indian Idol in UK and earned a ticket to world famous Indian Idol 3 in India, where she competed against millions of contestants from around the globe and made it to the top 14 finalists!

A multi-talented performer who is known for making the audience swoon to her tunes as she belts out numbers in Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Punjabi. Her bubbly and charming persona is contagious and she is a master at picking up the audiences’ pulse and adapting her performance to suit their tastes. Ranging from old Hindi classics to the current hot pop songs, this firehouse performer is a delight to listen to and to watch on stage. She also has entertained audiences sharing stage space with renowned artists of today.

A combination of her eastern roots and western culture is visible in her performances and personality, an important asset that has turned her dream into reality as she can get a crowd of any size on their feet singing and dancing with her in no time!! This quality and talent of hers has taken her places from UK and India to Japan, Hong Kong, around USA, Philippines, Egypt, Switzerland, Singapore, Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and more.

She takes her passion to sing, dance and perform to a whole new level.