Padmashree Masani

Penaz-Masani-1(Ghazal Singer) – Padmashree Penaz Masani is a Ghazal singer from India whose performances have enthralled audiences around the world. She has performed extensively at concerts, which have left a riveting impact on the audiences. She has created euphoria and continues to perform and sing leaving one and all spellbound. Her tender looks, glorious voice and impeccable Urdu diction is worthy of every praise bestowed on her. Penaz has the famous Gazal exponent Madhuraniji as her mentor and guide. She was discovered by the legendry composer Jaidev and she proved to be a true blood child prodigy, she cut her first album in 1981. She has the distinction of having one Platinum and three Gold Discs to her name. Her dedication and commitment to the traditional form of Indian Music is highly commendable. She has sung in over dozen languages. She has in a way created a priceless national treasure by way of her contribution to music. She can spin and render a vast repertoire of Ghazals from the traditional to the most modern. That is the magic of her voice. She is the only women to have achieved an eminent status in what is a traditionally a male -dominated world of Ghazals.