Sukshinder Shinda

shinda(Punjabi Singer) – Sukshinder Shinda is a bhangra record producer and singer–songwriter. His first professional recording was in 1993 on a song called ‘Dhol Beat Ek’. Shinda has produced or collaborated on more than 200 albums such as ‘Living loud’, ‘Balle’, ‘Gal sunja’, ‘Jadoo’, ‘Rock the party’, ‘Living the dream’ to religious albums ‘Satguru mera’ and ‘Choj Khalseh De’. Film projects he worked for include ‘Romeo ranjha’, ‘Best of luck’, ‘Munde uk de’, ‘Ishq be parwah’, ‘Teesri ankh’ and ‘Choj Khalseh De’. ’Sukshinder Shinda’ won two awards at the UK Asian Music Awards for “Best Album” and “Best Video” in 2006.