Suresh Srinivasan

Suresh-Srinivasan(Motivational speaker) – Suresh Srinivasan is a motivational keynote speaker and impactful business speaker based in Mumbai, India. Suresh Srinivasan’s style as a speaker and presenter is full of energy, enthusiasm, engaging, realistic, fun, humor and thought provoking.Using examples & anecdotes from his own personal and professional experiences.Suresh Srinivasan emotionally connects with each of his participants in a way that empowers them to face the challenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and a determination to achieve greater things in life. He is known as a speaker who goes an extra mile to personalize his presentation, making it relevant to fit his client’s needs, objectives and des Suresh Srinivasan truly cares about his clients and his whole focus is making a contribution to the success of your event & leave the participants with a “WOW” effect.
Avaialble for Anchoring / Commentary